These 7 Landing Page Styles Work Well With Paid Advertising

Landing Page #7: Thou Shall Not Enter — The Gated Landing Page

Everyone knows the importance of building up an email list. But building up a list is doubly important if you’re running an eCommerce store.

When a user comes from a display ad to an eCommerce store, they’re likely going to get caught up browsing the products. If they end up NOT buying something, they’re probably just going to exit the page, not bother to opt-in in the small section on the right and then completely forget about your eCommerce store.

One way that eCommerce stores have solved this is by creating a “gated” landing page. This means that the prospect is required to  enter their email address before they’re able to browse the products.

Here’s an example from Zulily, a huge eCommerce store that sells discounted clothing and items for your house.


There’s definitely going to be a percentage of people that get angry and just exit the page.

However, the “Daily Deals Up To 70% Off!” copy is pretty tempting and most people are going to be willing to opt-in just based on that.

Another eCommerce which uses a gated landing page is Frank & Oaks, an online menswear store.


They’ve chosen to go the “premium” route and make it feel like an exclusive club, as opposed to Zulily’s strategy of offering great deals. Plus, all the logos at the bottom are great social proof. Most people are going to see these and trust them enough to enter their email.


Your landing page is one of the most important components in getting paid advertising to work. All 7 of these are proven page types that work depending on your offer and your audience.

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