These 7 Landing Page Styles Work Well With Paid Advertising

Landing Page #5:  The Lead Generation Page

Display is a great source of traffic for advertisers doing lead generation.

One of the biggest lead gen advertisers is “Lower My Bills”, which does lead generation for auto insurance, life insurance, mortgage refinancing and more.

Here’s the landing page for their car insurance offer:


Very simple and very friendly looking. The language at the top (“No login required, compare rates!”) immediately breaks down the “Anti-Sales” defenses of most of your prospects.

You then input all the relevant details needed for them to find auto insurance offers in your area.

Given that they’re legitimately helping you, you know that the information is going to be tailored to at least your location. Once you make it past the landing page, you fill out even more questions so their software can narrow down the insurers that are right for you.

Eventually you enter your email and they’re able to send you offers through email marketing.

Very simple, very effective landing page style.

Landing Page #6: Just Give It To Me — The Simple Sign-up/Opt-in Page

The more straight forward your offer is, the more simple your landing page can be.

For example, is one of the leading credit report companies.

There’s not a whole lot to explain about credit reports. People know what they are and just want to know where to get them for a good price.

The landing page below tells them exactly what they’re going to get, the terms behind a deal and a simple opt-in form and call-to-action.


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