These 7 Landing Page Styles Work Well With Paid Advertising

Landing Page #3: Tell Me About Me — The Quiz/Survey Landing Page

Over the past couple of years more and more marketers have been using quiz and survey landing pages. They’re a bit more complex to set up, but they work very well with cold traffic (we’ve seen the results first hand).

Basically, an advertiser sends traffic to a landing page where the prospect uses a quiz to figure something out about himself/herself.

Why they can’t lose weight…
The acidity level of their body based on the foods they eat…
The problem with their golf swing… etc.

There are 3 reasons why these work:

  1. Again, it’s not obvious it leads to a sales pitch.
  2. If done right, the information that you’ll receive is tailored to your specific needs. It’s not a pre-packaged solution meant for everyone under the sun. It’s for YOU.
  3. People crave to know more about themselves and why they suffer from certain problems. This is why Cosmo quizzes, BuzzFeed quizzes and the daily horoscope are so popular.

Here’s a great example from, a site that sells products related to the Alkaline diet (a diet based on the premise that the cause of many health issues are due to high acidity levels in your body).

The landing page is very simple and just has a call-to-action to take the quiz.


You then take a 6 question survey. Like a multi-page article lander, you can see where people drop off and fix that specific question. Sometimes people will exit the page if they find the question too “difficult”. The theory being that they’d rather quit the survey than answer the question wrong (even if there are no wrong answers).


They eventually ask you for your name and email so they can send you the link to your report (getting you to opt-in to their list in the process)


Then you’re given the report itself on the next page (without having to check your email)


At the bottom there’s a link to a video “The 5 Super Foods” which is a VSL for “Energize Greens”, a natural greens supplement.



Even though they eventually try to sell you a product, they’ve already built trust with the quiz + report on your body’s acidity levels. You’re more likely to trust them AND buy their product as they’ve already given you valuable information that can help with your health.

Landing Page #4: WARNING… it’s the Video Sales Letter

The video sales letter (or “VSL”) was created/made popular by marketer Jon Benson. He created the first “ugly” video sales letter for his diet book, “The Every Day Diet”.

Over the years they’ve gotten more and more advanced with some people spending thousands of dollars on copywriting and production, but the majority of people still do it the “ugly” way: words on a powerpoint being read out loud.

The advantage to using a VSL is that prospects don’t have to read. We live in an entertainment based society and most people prefer to watch videos than read text. Plus, the video format forces them to listen to your sales message. They can’t scroll down and look at the price of the product like a traditional sales page. They have to wait until they get to the end of your video, after you’ve already had time to sell them on the benefits of your product. When you do a good job, the price becomes irrelevant.

One of my favorite VSLs at the moment comes from Perfect Origins, a nutraceuticals company that specializes in weight loss and probiotic supplements:


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