Robert Cialdini Weapons of Influence

Kick Ass Persuasion Strategies For Entrepreneurs

The best marketers and sales people are masters of influence and persuasion strategies. As entrepreneurs, it’s to your benefit to become a student of human behavior and persuasion. There are so many applications of human behavior in business (I even use it in my parenting), it gives you a huge advantage over others that simply wing it.

If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s masterpiece (in my opinion, at least), Influence – The Psychology Of Persuasion, you’re probably already familiar with his 6 weapons of influence. There persuasion strategies are known to not only increase sales, but more people into more committed decisions more naturally since they tap into natural human instinct.

Robert Cialdini’s 6 Persuasion Strategies:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Social Proof
  3. Consistency/Commitment
  4. Authority
  5. Like-ability
  6. Scarcity

From a business perspective, you can use these 6 in your marketing communication, your client interactions, your social media engagement and your sales presentations whether they are done from a stage, your website or in person. The great thing is that each are powerful in their own right, and as you stack them together, their effectiveness has a compound effect which results in more actions from the people you serve or partner with. Hopefully influence and persuasion has peaked your interest. Luckily, I found a great infographic that’ll help you get started.


How can you start using these Weapons of Influence in your business? Comment below.

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