How Tracking Links Work

Industry leaders weigh in on affiliate tracking links and how they should work.

A few weeks ago we released the first infographic from the amazing feedback we gathered in a survey of leading affiliate marketing professionals; Preferred Affiliate Vocabulary. Well, today we’re excited to release a follow up: How Should Affiliate Tracking Links Work?


You’ll see that Source Information and Sub IDs are some of the most preferred values to pass within tracking links. What’s interesting is that 40% of survey takers use between 2 and 3 Sub IDs. You should definitely leave a comment and share what type of information you’re passing in these variables.

When asked about standardizing tracking technologies, tracking pixels were the top choice, which makes sense. We were surprised to find that so many of you want mobile tracking to be standardized, and of course we’ve been working on solving that very issue 🙂 Check out!

We’ve got more of these infographics and industry surveys coming in the future. Until then, we appreciate all the support, tweets and comments!

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R Knight

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