Amazon Affiliates: The Year’s Best Ways to Generate Funds

Whether you own a blog or a general informational website, Amazon affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your earning potential.

If you own a blog or a general informational website, you need to find ways to generate funds. Owning websites can become expensive and it is up to you to be creative in your approach of finding revenue through marketing efforts.

One up-and-coming option is to utilize Amazon Affiliate Marketing. This marketing scheme can lead to an influx of revenue that can not only generate funds for your website, but it can also lead to some pretty decent left over funds for your pocket. For those who are just starting out and are wondering what this magical option is, below is an overview of Amazon Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you.


Amazon has done something great, which is introduce a marketing scheme for websites that don’t mind featuring amazon products. When you join Amazon as an affiliate, you become an “Associate” for the company.

Through your membership in the program, you gain compensation for featuring Amazon products from sections like books, toys, DVDs, kitchen, apparel, and so much more. Essentially, as Amazon’s business grows and succeeds, so will your earnings that you generate from the referrals you make to Amazon through the links hosted on your website.

The Process

Amazon makes joining its affiliate marketing program extremely easy. All of the general guidelines for becoming an affiliate are on the website and going through them can help you reach your end goal of generating revenue. However, to help point you in the right direction, below is an overview of the main process.

  • Join for Free

As with every venture, joining is the first step. To join the program, you need to have an existing Amazon account. After registering and going through the verification process with Amazon, you can begin to post Amazon’s marketing advertisements on your website.

  • Marketing Options

After you’ve joined, you have a plethora of available resources to help you generate revenue. Amazon provides you with the opportunity to choose from links, aStores, and widgets. You browse through the vast selection and choose the products that are most valuable to your website.

At this step, you need to consider the best way to generate revenue. For instance, if your website is about fashion, featuring Amazon products like bikes and work gear is most likely not the best choice. You want to persuade your customers to click on the links. Therefore, choose products that your website viewers are likely to click on.

  • The Most Profitable Advertisement

Another element that you need to consider when choosing an advertisement to present to your website’s audience is which will be the most profitable. Amazon allows you to choose from a site stripe, text and product links, and banners.

If your website viewers have no issue reading product descriptions, then text and product links may bring in the most profit. On the other hand, if your website is mainly visual, then your website audience will most likely click on banners rather than products and their corresponding descriptions.

Revenue and Amazon Affiliate Marketing

One of the main reasons that many website owners are hesitant about Amazon’s program is revenue stream. Most believe that the funds generated are just adequate enough. To give you an idea about earnings, below is an overview of what you can expect in terms of return on purchases:

  • 1-6 products = 4.00% of product’s price
  • 321-630 products = 7.5% of product’s price
  • 3131 products = 8.50% of product’s price

The above list is not exhaustive, however it does give you a sense of the lowest and highest commission that you can earn. While the percentage earned is a bit miniscule, you should take into consideration the level of sales you are making.

The most sales your links generate, the greater chance you have of earning more income. To help facilitate this process, you can even endorse the products yourself. Your audience is more likely to purchase your product if they consider you to be an authority on fashion or the like.

In addition, you also want to advertise high cost rather than low cost items because the earning potential is much greater.

Earning Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

For many, Amazon’s affiliate marketing scheme can be pretty intimidating, primarily because it takes a bit of dedication and hard work on behalf of the member. The good news is that while it can be a challenge to earn good money with affiliate marketing, it certainly isn’t unheard of. Below are the main ways to earn money through this system.

Promoting Your Website

First and foremost, the importance of website traffic cannot be underestimated. The more successful your website is, the higher the chance your Amazon campaign is going to succeed. Therefore, if you do choose to promote Amazon Affiliate Marketing, then you want to be sure that you are focusing on generating an influx of traffic to your website.

More traffic through your website means more people who will click on the links, purchase products, and generate you a strong income stream. One other tip in terms of traffic is to not get discouraged if your website isn’t traffic heavy. Joining the program just may incentivize you to push yourself more to promote your site.

Implore People to Buy

Simply having Amazon links on your site isn’t enough to persuade your website visitors to click on the links. In order to really achieve your end goal, what you need to do is to promote products on your site and persuade people to buy.

If your blog is about romance, try incorporating some articles like “Top 10 Gifts for Her” and add a link at the bottom of the post or on the side of the page and recommend Amazon as a great resource for purchasing needs.

You could also write articles about online shopping tips, why shopping online is best, and so forth. Overall, you essentially want to promote a buying culture on your blog to attract readers who are interested in products too.

Just Having a Link Can Help

Many people falsely believe that in order to generate revenue from the link, the purchaser needs to buy the product that is linked out to. The fact is, as long as the individual who clicked on the link buys something, you get revenue. The great thing about this system is that you should also take into account Amazon’s role in the process.

Amazon is a retail that knows how to market its brand, offer tailored product recommendations, and convince people to buy. In light of this, it is highly likely that your link is simply going to lead your reader to buy something because Amazon itself is so good at selling what it has to offer.

Product Reviews

Another way to earn good money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing is to offer product reviews on your website. Now, the product reviews that your website offers need to be of high quality, offer the reader the information they are looking for, and they especially need to be genuine.

The more accurate and genuine your product reviews are, the greater the chance your readers are going to click on those links and buy the products that they are looking for.

Email List

Email marketing is one of the best sources of attaining not only the website traffic that you’re looking for, but it can also be a useful tool in promoting Amazon products that your website visitors may be interested in. By sending out a newsletter either monthly or bi-weekly, your readers can easily reach your site.

Furthermore, email marketing is a another way for your site to try and create brand loyalty. By showing your readers that you care and invest enough to contact them regularly, they will be more likely to stay loyal to your website.

Add Images to Products

There is a big difference in reading about a product and viewing a product. Reading takes more effort, time, and energy from the reader. On the other hand, looking at a product inspires the viewer to click on the product and view the components, price, and other critical factors.

Therefore, if you do use Amazon’s affiliate marketing, then it is advisable to add images to all the products that you are linking out to. By adding images, you increase the chances of the link being clicked upon and you also persuade the reader to potentially purchase the product.


If your website is doing well in terms of traffic and you have a loyal group of visitors, then Amazon affiliate marketing may just be the best option for you. With Amazon affiliate marketing, you can earn passive income without doing much work.

Content can easily be created that discusses some products that you are looking to feature on your site. By providing quality content and images, you’ll easily increase your chances of earning more each month for your Amazon affiliate marketing. Tap into this resource today to increase your earning potential.

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