A Case In Favor of Nutraceutical Marketing and Advertising

Where Do They Find Customers? Conservative News Publishers.

get-test-x-publishersA HUGE portion of their spend goes to Newsmax, a news site slanted towards a conservative, older demographic. The copy they use in their ads and landing pages coincides with this demographic (“How Older Men Are Increasing Testosterone”).

As a side note, news sites, in general, tend to work very well for mass market offers in the “Big 3″ niches (health, wealth and relationships). Because who reads the news? Everyone. And everyone wants to be healthier, more attractive, make more money and attract more sexual partners.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to create — Nutraceuticals are pretty easy to create as far as physical products go. Buy a few powders in bulk, buy a few capsules, assemble them and put them in a jar. You can literally do this in your own house if you want to
  • High potential profits — Your product is going to be easy to sell when you solve an actual problem that a lot of people suffer from.
  • High lifetime customer value – People will keep buying your product as long as they keep seeing results from it.


  • It’s a physical product — It’s going to take some upfront investment and figuring out how to create, sell and ship a physical product.. You’re going to have a whole net set of issues to deal with. Stuff like… shipping, returns, packaging, holding stock, making deals with wholesalers, fulfilling orders, etc. It’s much easier to sell a digital product.
  • Compliance Issues — There are a lot of ad networks/exchanges that will not allow you to advertise any product that claims to fix/cure any kind of health issue..
  • FTC Issues —  There are certain things that the FTC will still not allow you to say even if you’re completely honest about your product and what it can do. You’ll need to be aware the laws in your jurisdiction, what you can say in your copy, what kind of testimonials and pictures you can use and a whole lot of other stuff that you might have not had to worry about before.
  • Higher advertising costs — Usually (but not always) advertising health & fitness products leads to higher advertising costs due to heavy competition. It might be harder to find sources of cheap traffic for your nutraceutical.



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