A Case In Favor of Nutraceutical Marketing and Advertising

Landing Pages: Pre-selling with an “Article Lander”

Force Factor uses what’s called an “article lander”. An article lander is a landing page disguised as an informative article.gettestx-landinIt serves a few purposes:

  • It’s in line with what the user expects when they see the ad. They expect to see what the researchers discovered andwhat this “weird” trick is. They’re expecting an article — not a sales page.
  • It pre-frames the user for the sale. They’ve already read the article and understood the benefits of the product without being blatantly sold on it.
  • These article landers are more likely to be Google (and Facebook) compliant. The user sees what they expect to see, which is very important for higher quality ad networks.

Once they click the main call-to-action (“Get a Free Sample”), the prospect is led to a more traditional sales page, complete with a lot of different elements to help conversions.

Stuff like… A compelling headline/value proposition…headine-value-propAuthority…social-proof-ffSocial proof…testimonialsAnd of course the REAL reason why men buy these supplements: Sex appealsex-appealOne interesting thing you should take note of is the language they use in the headline and call-to-action button on their order form.sample-form

They don’t say “get a free sample”.

They say, “See if you qualify for a free sample.” The difference is tiny but they’ve probably tested this and seen a lift with conversions.


People don’t value free stuff. They always want what they can’t have and want to know if they qualify or work. They’re going to value something they’ve been chosen for, not something that’s given to everyone. It makes it feel like less of a commodity. This type of language is great to A/B test for any offer in any niche of any business you’re running — not just nutraceuticals.

Now, let’s take a look at which specific publishers and placements Force Factor buys traffic on.

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