A Case In Favor of Nutraceutical Marketing and Advertising

Case Study: Force Factor & the Test x180 Ignite Testosterone Booster

test-x180-igniteTest x180 Ignite is a natural testosterone booster sold by Force Factor, LLC. Force Factor is a large distributor that sells a few of different supplements geared towards bodybuilders. They spend a lot on display across all their product lines, but they’re doing some really interesting stuff with this specific product.

Let’s take a look at how they buy their traffic.

Direct Buys and Issues With Google Adwords

get-test-x-ad-spendYou’ll notice that Force Factor relies almost exclusively on direct buys. Direct buys can be a great way to get guaranteed traffic at a lower prices from site proven to work for your offer. However, another reason why Force Factor and other nutraceutical companies rely on direct buys is related to the type of products and claims that some ad networks do and don’t allow. Buying traffic for anything related to health and wellness can sometimes be difficult on high-quality ad networks like Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is very strict with what type of claims, images and copy they’ll let you use on your ads and landing pages. Nine times out of ten you’ll have to work with a network rep to figure out how to make your pages compliant with their terms and conditions if you want to sell a nutraceutical. There are a few nutraceutical companies that do very well on the Google Display Network but be aware that it can be a long and arduous process to keep your pages compliant.

Sex Appeal + This South American Vegetable = High Converting Ads

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There are a few elements to notice here:

  • “Boston researchers…” — This is a great use of specific social proof. Most advertisers will just say “researchers”, yet by just adding the word “Boston” it immediately incites a higher level of trust.
  • “Weird ingredient…” — You’ve undoubtedly seen this type of copy before. Stuff like “1 weird trick to lose a bit of belly fat every day”. A lot of people hate this style of copy because it’s overused. However, if so many people STILL use it year after year then it must still work.
  • Sex appeal — If you’re an older man then there’s no doubt that you want to get higher testosterone levels to feel more energetic, more youthful, and have a higher sex drive so you can get a younger woman like the one shown in the photo.
  • Using a strange picture — The image used in the ad on the right takes advantage of the “weird ingredient”. It’s a picture of some sort of vegetable that’s not commonly sold in western grocery stores (note: That “weird” ingredientappears to be “Cassava“,  a vegetable popular in South America.)

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